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Have you ever traveled for vacation, business or pleasure to an Airbnb property but after your arrival the conditions and amenities of the property didn't resemble the online photos in review? Was the surroundings of the Airbnb property located in a safe environment? We have the perfect remedy to solve those concerns. "ONSITE PHOTO VERIFICATION" Prior to your arrival, we will provide you with real time exterior photos of the Airbnb property with street and adjacent property views.  A custom rating report will accompany all verification orders. Interior photos taking from a certified independent contractor must be arranged between that contractor and the Airbnb host. The guest with confirmed reservations for the airbnb must also first authorized interior inspections. We also provide verification photos for restaurants, shops, events and specific location.

Tap on the red Photo Verification link or tan camera below to be taken to the verification website page





photo verification LINK

A Rating and Review App



Explore in real-time ratings & reviews of content from Zipurban members who patronize various business establishments in urban zip-codes from across the nation. Share your personal experience from the goods and services rendered to you from such businesses in urban communities defined as "The center point of a city and downtown area with a high degree of population density". The Zipurban platform also encourage

its members to rate the services rendered to them by businesses within the inner cities of the black community as well. Together we will hold businesses in these communities accountable to perform at the highest service standard possible. This platform will also allow businesses to be recognized for providing outstanding professional service to its clientele. Download Zipurban app for FREE in the App-Store and join a network system that was designed for businesses and people from all walks of life.




Rate & Review now available on IPhone.

Coming June 2020 for Android.





Find businesses or showcase your own business for absolutely free! Post your business photos, videos or menus in multiple zip-codes. Your post content will be displayed for advertisement in your business photo profile and zip-codes of your choice. Customers will

5-star rate your services from the Zipurban platform. You may also certify your business as elite professionals. A business address may be used in the profile description or you may describe your company or yourself instead of an address. The profile address is linked into maps locations. A map will conveniently open and allow customers to easily access your business location. Zipurban's platform module recognizes businesses operating in urban zip-codes but respectfully welcomes all businesses on our platform regardless of your business location. Therefore, be the first to list your business on Zipurban app for Free!

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