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Have you ever reserved an Airbnb property or planned on traveling to a specific location for the very first time? After your destination arrival, did conditions of prior online photos or reviews match the conditions of your reserved property or planned trip location? Was all the amenities provided as promised? If not, we have the solution... "ONSITE PHOTO VERIFICATION" Prior to your arrival, we provide you with onsite photos or a 59 second video of your reserved Airbnb property or planned travel location. We also include a 5-star rating & review of a custom report with each request order. Download now for free the Zipurban mobile app in AppStore and Google Play platforms.



The first onsite photo verification company



See platform ratings & reviews of content from Zipurban members patronizing various business establishments in urban zip-codes from across the nation. Share your personal experience from the goods and services rendered to you from such businesses. Also find out what's happening now in your surroundings! Get immediate real time access to an urban zip-codes or postal-codes and follow various  communities and business establishments across the U.S. and abroad. There's no need to remember zip-codes. When members are mobile their zip-code location will change automatically through GPS. Manually, search communities or follow members for their astonishing stories from videos, photos and unlimited text. Post content from any event or business and connect with members at same event. Now free on both Apple & Google play Stores.



Find businesses or showcase your own business for absolutely free! Post your business photos, videos or menus in multiple zip-codes. Your post content will be displayed for advertisement in your business photo profile and zip-codes of your choice. You may also certify your business on our platform as elite professionals. A business address may be used in the profile description or you may describe your company or yourself instead of an address. The profile address is linked into maps locations. A map will conveniently open and allow customers to easily access your business location. This amazing platform is also ideal for various organizations and members of large or small congregations. These groups may communicate through the use of channels. Be the first to list your business on Zipurban!



Quick and convenient! Login and immediately connect with members in your proximity. Each shared status will post directly to a home page zip-code feed that highlights the zip-code or postal-code from where the status had first occurred. Sports fans can start or join a conversation and chop it up with friends or foes within the same sport arena or event. The use of this platform is endless. Try it today!

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