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Mission statement


The mission of Zipurban, is to allow it's members to 5-star rate and review the goods and services rendered to them from zip-codes and postal-codes of urban businesses that are located throughout the United States and abroad. To provide a single voice platform designed with a Global Positioning System of various zip-codes and postal codes to collaborate information worldwide. To offer onsite photo verification services to Zipurban's website guest that travel for business or pleasure to airbnb properties across the globe. We also provide "Onsite photo Verification" services on pre to purchase cars, trucks, RV, restaurants, and CMV.


We're striving to provide urban communities with social empowerment and economic opportunities. Members will have the ability to preregister on Zipurban's photo verification website platform to become a certified independent contractor and EARN INCOME!! We encourage such members to reinvest a portion of their resources earned from the Zipurban's platform, back into their prospective communities.

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