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Home Page:


Q. What dose the term Zipurban mean?

A. Zip-codes or Postal- codes within the urban community.


Q. How do i post a photo, video or a text narrative?

A. From your home feed page click on the word "Add" located at top right corner. You will then be taken to the add a Zip page.

You may also send a text narrative without a photo or video.


Q. How do i get to my profile page?

A. From your home feed page, click on the word profile located at top left corner. You will then be taken to your profile page.


Q. How do i search for other platform users name?

A. From your home page, there is a search tap next to the map tab. You can also search for items, example "Food"

Q. How do i search for different zip-codes?

A. From your home page, tap on the gold search bar that display the current city and zip-code.

Tap on the X in the right of search bar to clear any zip-code searched. You may also backspace to clear.

Q. How to view the map?

A. Click on the map tab from the home page. Then click on gold pins for number of zips and to view those Zips in your area.


Q. How do i view someone else's profile?

A. Click on another user's name from their status or from photo detail and view their profile.


Q. How do i view other zip-code areas?

A. Click on the gold search bar from home page and manually insert a five digit zip-code.

Q. How do i create a channel for group communications?

A. From your home page, insert a four digit number into gold search bar. If no one is occupying that channel, go to the add a zip page and you may use that four digit number for all future group communications.

Q. Are group channels private?

A. No but you will lower the chances of anyone not invited viewing your group communication by limiting the number of users with your created group number.

Q. Can I download this app on my Android cell phone?

A. No, this app platform is only for IOS devices at this time. We're targeting to have an Android version for the summer of 2017. Stay tuned to this site for app updates.


Add a Zip page:


Q. How do i post a photo or video?

A. Tap onto the screen from the add a zip page and choose a function. After you hit the send button, a confirmation will appear with options to select okay or view. Choose okay to send status to home feed page or select view to share photo. You may also choose a photo or video to from your cell phone gallery.


Q. Can i post a narrative/text without a photo or video?

A. Yes, just type your narrative into the say something message box and send.

Q. Is there a limit on text characters for narratives?

A. No

Q. Can I post links?

A. Yes

Q. How Do i tag someone?

A. You can only tag someone that is following you. You may tag from the add a zip page.


Q. Can i send narrative only without Zipurban logo appearing?

A. No. The Zipurban logo will appear as defalt when you send text only.


Q. Can i post a status to another zip-code without using GPS?

A. Yes, just insert a zip-code from the add a zip page and send. It will go to that zip-code home feed page but you will have to enter same zip-code into the home feed page to locate your manually posted status.


Q. Will the GPS locator change cities and zip-codes while mobile?

A. Yes, while you're mobile and on the add a zip page, the GPS locator will display your location with current city and zip-code. You may also change over to your home feed page and see current post in that particular zip-code location. To refresh zip-code, go to your add a zip page.

Q. Can i use tagging?

A. Yes, the tag option is located on the add a zip page bottom right of the text box, You can only tag those users that you follow.

Q. Comment not being displayed when tagging?

A. You must place comment before tagging. Also to tag someone you must be following them.

Q. 5 - star Rate & Reviews.

A. Default will remain at 3 stars. Star 1 & 2 (poor) will display red on map. Star 4 & 5 (good) will display green on map.


Profile page:


Q. Can i share my photos on other social media sites?

A. Yes, you can share photos and narratives on Facebook, Twitter, via E-mail and via SMS. Videos can only be shared from Zipurban on Facebook at this time.


Q. Where is the share button located?

A. The share button is located in photo detail top right side and in the profile photo section right side.


Q. How do i delete my post status?

A. Delete photos, videos and narratives from your own profile page by swiping left from share symbol.

You can also delete any comments from your own status as the author but you can't delete your comment from other users status.

Q. Can I send a (DM) direct private message to another users?

A. Yes. You can also delete your own private messages from only your own message box.


Q. How do i confirm if a zip-code location is accurate or how can I look up a particular city's zip-code?

A. From your profile page, click on the zip-code symbol next to your preferred zip-code and then search.


Q. How do i get to the photo detail page?

A. Click on any photo or status to view photo detail page. To make photo larger, click again on photo.

Q. How do I list my business address in my profile?

A. Click on the edit tab in profile. In the description box, you may list a description or business address.

The address is linked to maps. Therefore, listing residential addresses are not recommended.


Map Page:


Q. Why do the map keep converting back to my locations (Blue dot)?

A. The map is designed to be viewed within your location with blue blinking dot.


Q. How can i view the zip-code count from the map?

A. Click on the gold pin. The zip-code and map count will appear. Click on the letter (i) within the circle and all the current Zip-codes  will appear.


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